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The secrets of Shale Hill

Gain the power to peer into people’s hidden lives. Plunge into the secrets beneath Shale Hill University. Unravel a conspiracy, fall in love, or use your power to seduce your classmates in this adult visual novel by Love-Joint.

In this story-focused adult visual novel by Love-Joint, you suddenly gain the power to peer into people’s hidden lives. Enjoy beautiful 3D art , while plunge into the secrets beneath Shale Hill University. Unravel a conspiracy, fall in love, or use your power to seduce your classmates.

You’re an extraordinary guy doing an ordinary job: working at the tech help desk for a small university, when you discover a mysterious application that allows you to peer into your classmate’s private data. In an evening you go from thankless drudgery to running the panopticon.

While you debate the ethics of taking someone’s nudes using military-grade hacking software, you soon realize there’s bigger things at work. It seems every friend you have is hiding something life or death important. And then you discover a secret message board where someone is trying to hire a hitman.
Does this go straight to the top? Only you’re in the position to find out, and save your friends at the same time.

Mystery, intrigue and girls to romance and seduce are waiting for you in Shale Hill Secrets. Come with us and play the first four episodes of the game while the full version is still in development.

Your Love Life

While unravelling what is going on in Shale Hill, you’ll interact with girls that have their own mysteries.

Your friendship with them will grow and may even evolve into something else. It’s up to you: dedicate yourself to one person or be the player and spread the love around. It's your choice.

The people of Shale Hill


You have a special relationship with Leah, who has been supportive of you your entire life. Gentle on the outside, but unflinching and spirited within, she is a stubborn journalism student who will do anything to reveal to the world the dark truth of Shale Hill.


You and Sam came from opposite ends of your old school’s pecking order, now by a twist of fate your best friend. Your quirky, distractible friend seems uncharacteristically melancholy. What is going on?


Objectivity and a total focus on success are the main characteristics of Emily. She isn't afraid to make tough decisions, even if this means messing up her relationships with other people. You’d know. You’re her ex.


Valerie, Student Council President in college as well as your old highschool, still considers you her protege even after you gave it all up. She seems to have a great deal of faith in you, though you can never tell whether she’s joking or flirting.


Blue hair that shows an adorable defiance. That’s Haley, a lovely bartender who has dreams way bigger than being behind a counter for the rest of her life. She has a good ear for others' problems but no taste for sharing her own.


Maggie prefers dealing with animals to people, but over time, she has come to trust you. Now, this pretty redhead will need to deal with a past that has left her nervous and silent.


The impeccable and refined owner of the campus café, Lidia is a well travelled connoisseur of everything that can be roasted and brewed. But in her travels, she’s brought problems back with her.


As Shale Hill’s resident mean girl, Alexis takes her popularity for granted, but she’s not as simple as she seems. Alexis also considers herself an entrepreneur, and seems undeterred that her business of choice is highly unethical.


Your colleague and workmate, Linus can be both a comrade and an annoying smug asshole, usually both at the same time. He’s an unrepentant geek and much more comfortable in the tech world than you are.


Dante is the ultimate paradoxical Bohemian. A weird mix of party freak and dependable role model, he’s a hard man to describe, and you don’t really know him unless you meet him. He dispenses cocktails and wisdom with equal flare, and has his ear to the ground in Shale Hill’s party scene.


Homeless man or superhero? The answer depends on whether you ask him or anyone else. One thing is for sure, he does have detective instincts that you don’t have. It’s wise to listen to what he has to say.

This installment of Shale Hill Secrets contains the first five episodes of our story. Within these episodes you can look forward to more than eight hours of gameplay filled with lots of suspense, investigation and, of course, some fun as well - if you know what we mean...

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(653 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withGameMaker
TagsAdult, NSFW, sex, Slice Of Life
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InputsKeyboard, Mouse
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Windows | Shale Hill Secrets Episode 17 (v0.17.0) 4.6 GB
Version 0.17.0 20 days ago
macOS | Shale Hill Secrets Episode 17 (v0.17.0) 4.6 GB
Version 0.17.0 20 days ago
Android Beta | Shale Hill Secrets Episode 17 (v0.17.0) 1.2 GB

Install instructions

Windows (64-bit only)

Download the file below, extract the zipped file to a location of your choice and then run the Shale Hill Secrets executable. The game should open straight away after this. Do not try to run the executable without unzipping it first or you’ll get an error message! Do not mix these files with previous releases! This release contains all the episodes.


Double click Install Shale Hill Secrets.dmg. Then, in the window that opens, drag and drop the app to the Applications folder.

If the DMG file doesn't open, this means Gatekeeper could have quarantined it. It can be fixed by running this command in Terminal:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine $HOME/Downloads/Install_Shale_Hill_Secrets_v0.17.0.dmg


Your device (Armv7, Arm64, x86_64) needs to be able to install APKs outside of the Play Store. If it isn't, you need to enable that option first.

After downloading the file, open the APK and select "update". Don't uninstall the previous version or you might lose your progress.


Report any bugs or issues to #bug-reports or #typos in our Discord channel. Please do not post bug reports here in the comments section of this post - It’s hard to track and difficult to give proper assistance. If you don’t have a Discord account, please send us an email instead to support@love-joint.com. Please also feel free to leave some feedback in #constructive-feedback on Discord.

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